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Archery Sketches

8th Dec 2013, 2:51 PM
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Archery Sketches
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blatboy 8th Dec 2013, 3:20 PM edit delete reply
I noticed this and I'm surprised no one commented on last Thursday's comic about the palm facing outwards. You of all people would not have done something like that by accident, so I knew it must have been a technique for the hard core ...which certainly defines Blackfeather.

Now I see it here. Yeah. Cool.
Songgu Kwon 8th Dec 2013, 7:26 PM edit delete reply
Songgu Kwon
Check out this Russian girl's shooting technique. She's fast.

Mayyday 8th Dec 2013, 3:38 PM edit delete reply
Is that Lil' Blackfeather? She's so cute!
Songgu Kwon 8th Dec 2013, 7:31 PM edit delete reply
Songgu Kwon
It's her when she was only like 50. Heh, just kidding. Well, I'm not sure how elves age when they're children but I'm guessing they would reach maturity relatively quickly and THEN stay looking 20 something forever-ish.
Dodom 8th Dec 2013, 5:17 PM edit delete reply
Is the speedy technique precise though?
Songgu Kwon 8th Dec 2013, 7:27 PM edit delete reply
Songgu Kwon
Not as accurate as her standard shot but good enough for short range.
Erador 10th Dec 2013, 3:17 AM edit delete reply
She is just gorgeous here!

Oh right, it's about archery. My problem is if she's in any image I don't really see anything else. A character flaw of mine, clearly! :-D
Guesticus 13th Sep 2015, 8:16 AM edit delete reply
At least there are no flaws on her character ;)