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#141 "The Fearful 2"

21st May 2015, 5:14 PM
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#141 "The Fearful 2"
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Songgu Kwon 21st May 2015, 5:18 PM edit delete reply
Songgu Kwon
I'll add grays later.

warriorneedsfood 25th May 2015, 9:16 AM edit delete reply
I don't think you really need to add grays. The page looks great.
Songgu Kwon 29th May 2015, 1:36 AM edit delete reply
Songgu Kwon
chris-tar 21st May 2015, 6:58 PM edit delete reply
Elf boy gonna get gelded by blackfeather...
Songgu Kwon 22nd May 2015, 11:47 PM edit delete reply
Songgu Kwon
Instances of elf on elf violence are rare because they're usually all goody two shoes. But yes, swords will soon be drawn, I imagine. :o
gibberish 22nd May 2015, 3:02 AM edit delete reply
Wonderful as always and great, captivating story line. "You're afraid of living life on your own terms?" Holy shit am I dealing with that right now. Anywaywhohow - how are things in Green Acres? Rock out with your cock out, draw-draw-draw and say hi to Ariel
Songgu Kwon 22nd May 2015, 11:52 PM edit delete reply
Songgu Kwon
The acres are very green indeed! Things are going swimmingly. There's still a lot of stuff to take care of and set up but I should be able to go into full production mode before month's end. :D
DizzasterJuice 22nd May 2015, 8:36 AM edit delete reply
Someone's full of himself!
Songgu Kwon 22nd May 2015, 11:53 PM edit delete reply
Songgu Kwon
His ego will be his downfall.
Guest 22nd May 2015, 3:47 PM edit delete reply
Well, she IS Chaotic Good after all
Songgu Kwon 23rd May 2015, 12:08 AM edit delete reply
Songgu Kwon
Yup. And here's how the rest of the party breaks down:

Clarence: Chaotic Good
Bob: True Neutral (Neutral Neutral)
Aegon: Neutral Evil
Katagnar: Chaotic Neutral
Radbut/Druuga: ???
pictsidhe 4th Jun 2015, 9:46 AM edit delete reply
Sorry, but a chaotic good lawyer?
Songgu Kwon 4th Jun 2015, 3:32 PM edit delete reply
Songgu Kwon
It could happen. O__O
pictsidhe 23rd May 2015, 7:07 PM edit delete reply
Are the non-elvish are regretting not bringing popcorn?
Draginbeard 24th May 2015, 10:17 AM edit delete reply
Blackfeather is cutting through to the heart of the matter, no mincing or dicing, and I expect it will not be long before she has slashed through the intrigue, and disemboweled the remaining vesteges of...

oh man, I need to lay off the swash buckle movies for a while.

Of all the alignments, its the Chaotic Neutrals that I fear the most!
Songgu Kwon 29th May 2015, 1:42 AM edit delete reply
Songgu Kwon
Chaotic Neutrals are the most reliably unpredictable!
Taran 28th May 2015, 10:59 AM edit delete reply
"swords will soon be drawn"
Of course they will. The whole strip will soon be drawn.
pictsidhe 28th May 2015, 5:41 PM edit delete reply
I'm just wondering what timezone this site is in....
Pictsidhe 28th May 2015, 5:42 PM edit delete reply
That'll be PDT, then?
pictsidhe 28th May 2015, 5:50 PM edit delete reply
Apparently I'm wrong, it's PST
Songgu Kwon 29th May 2015, 1:40 AM edit delete reply
Songgu Kwon
It used to be PST but now it's EST! :D