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#27 "The Fray"

31st Dec 2012, 5:58 AM
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#27 "The Fray"
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dpat57 31st Dec 2012, 6:32 AM edit delete reply
Big ow! Either he's dead, or his brain turns out to be the least-used organ in his body!
Ali_alshobbar 13th Aug 2014, 6:50 AM edit delete reply
ROFL!! that was priceless XD
Centcomm 31st Dec 2012, 9:24 AM edit delete reply
holy crap! im with Dpat! talk about a close haircut!!! *shudder* and that is one really sharp sword !
pharphacide 31st Dec 2012, 9:46 AM edit delete reply
Still better than being stuck at the airport.
Boy Phaff 31st Dec 2012, 10:39 AM edit delete reply
Boy Phaff
Poo is not to be flung at Katagnar, I guess.
cattservant 31st Dec 2012, 1:17 PM edit delete reply
Fortunately, no vital organs were damaged!
Songgu Kwon 31st Dec 2012, 1:53 PM edit delete reply
Songgu Kwon
I totally forgot to draw some poo stains on Katagnar. Okay, now it's fixed. ;) Looks like this is the last page of 2012. Happy New Year folks!
chris-tar 31st Dec 2012, 3:21 PM edit delete reply
So I guess that is how that guy makes his furry animal hats... Anyway, I thought this creature he just decapitated was going to remain a main character in your story? Or is this part of a dream sequence? Or is this a fairy tale dimension where he can grow the top of his skull back? Regardless I enjoy this strange tale and fantastic art.
gibberish 31st Dec 2012, 4:35 PM edit delete reply
A rule of thumb I live by is whenever I throw poo at people - I run. It's a rule that has served me well thus far.
Draginbeard 31st Dec 2012, 5:53 PM edit delete reply
Flinging poo is against the Geneva convention, the Wombat got what was coming back to him!
Dr Apocalypto 1st Jan 2013, 6:13 PM edit delete reply
Dr Apocalypto
I really like this comic. Love the way its plotted out.
Dean Clark 3rd Jan 2013, 11:54 AM edit delete reply
Dean Clark
Could be a magic wombat. You never know when you're going to run into one of those. And even if he can't regenerate, he may have already slashed Katangar's throat.
Dean Clark 3rd Jan 2013, 11:55 AM edit delete reply
Dean Clark
I always wondered what sound your buttocks made when they clenched.